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Please review the services I provide below. Questions, just let me know. Can't wait to collaborate!


Need an online presence? Whether you need a new website, landing page, or more, I’ve got you covered. Explore our range of web building services. Maybe you’re an author, speaker, coach or business owner and need a website. Well, let's talk. I can also show you how to update your own website so you can feel you have control over it. I also wear many hats (i.e., skill sets), as you can see, when you work with me. You can look forward to working with a seasoned expert and professional in one.

  • New Websites

  • Revamp Current Website

  • Author / Book Websites

  • Coaching Websites

  • Speaker Websites

  • Landing Websites

  • Membership Websites

  • Sell Protected Content

  • Sell eBooks On Your Site

  • Sell Audio On Your Site

  • Sell Products On Site

  • Host / Offer Coaching Forms

  • Add Media/Press Room

  • Add “Interview Me” Pages

  • Add Video To Your Site

  • WordPress Troubleshooting

  • Shopping Cart Help

  • Other Website Services

  • See anything in the list above that I can help you with? Just let me know. We'll talk on the phone, maybe have a Zoom call, share screens (via Zoom) and see what's possible.


    Let me simplify your social media journey by setting up and optimizing your profile. With my assistance your follower count will increase fast, making your online presence more effective.

  • Instagram Help

  • TikTok Help

  • LinedIn Help

  • YouTube Help

  • Post Ideas

  • Reel Ideas

  • Twitter Help

  • Facebook Help

  • Ad Campaigns

  • Strategy Talk

  • Content Creation

  • Account Setup

  • See anything in the list above that I can help you with? Just let me know. We'll talk on the phone, maybe have a Zoom call, share screens (via Zoom) and see what's possible.


    Elevate your visuals with my expert video recording and editing services. I’ll personally visit your location to assist in content filming, and then edit the footage to create visually appealing material that resonates with your audience.

  • Video Recording Equipment

  • Video Recording Software

  • Video Editing Software

  • Uploading Videos

  • Organizing Videos

  • Video Training

  • Organizing Videos

  • Video Creation Lists

  • Video Shoots

  • See anything in the list above that I can help you with? Just let me know. We'll talk on the phone, maybe have a Zoom call, share screens (via Zoom) and see what's possible.


    Check out my YouTube consulting and setup services to help your business navigate the world of online video. I’ll provide expert guidance on content strategy, channel optimization, and audience engagement, ensuring a strong and successful YouTube presence. 

  • YouTube Training

  • YouTube Account Setup

  • YouTube Video List

  • YouTube Header Design

  • YouTube Collaborations

  • YouTube Playlists Creation

  • YouTube Thumbnail Design

  • YouTube Sections Creation

  • YouTube Video Descriptions

  • YouTube About Writing

  • Uploading YouTube Videos

  • YouTube Stats Discussion

  • YouTube Growth Discussion

  • YouTube Subscriber Growth

  • YouTube Views Growth

  • See anything in the list above that interests you? Let me know. We'll talk on the phone, maybe over a Zoom call, share screens (via Zoom) and see what's possible. Time's ticking, though, and the longer you wait to work on and grow your YouTube channel like I am, the longer you put off potential income, exposure, demand for your products/services and so much more. DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER! THIS IS BIG STUFF!!!!! Are you on board with YouTube like I am? I'M ALL IN when it comes to YouTube! Are you?


    Experience a one-stop shop for your book publishing needs, including professional design and book cover services. I’ll guide you through the entire publishing journey, from manuscript to a beautifully designed book with an eye-catching cover. Sounds good? Here's how I can help:

  • Title & Table Of Contents Consult

  • Paperback Book Cover Design

  • Kindle eBook Cover Design

  • Book Interior Pages Layout 

  • Kindle eBook Pages Format Design

  • Book Editing Services

  • Submission To Amazon.com

  • “Interview Me” Questions/Web Page

  • Author / Books On Website

  • Is this your first book? Second book? Will this be a book you want to publish in print (paperback), eBook or both? Having written and published my own books, I’ll turn my talents towards helping you design your book and eBook covers (front/back/spine), I'll design the interior page layout, add photos, among other aspects when it comes to designing your book(s). Let me know if I can help you here.


    Transform your business’s identity and leave a lasting impression on your clients with my business branding service. I’ll work closely with you to define and refine your brand's personality and create a cohesive visual identity.

  • Logo Design

  • Your Story & Storytelling

  • Brand Values

  • Audience

  • Brand Integration

  • Brand Exposure

  • Brand Recognition

  • Brand Perception

  • Slogans


    Online courses seem to be all the rage today with regards to making money online. With so many websites offering to host courses on their websites and offering you a percent of every sale, why not! On the other hand, you could also host your own online class on your website if you had the right software in place to do so.

  • Teachable Topics Consult

  • Course Outline Consult

  • Course Platform Discussion

  • Course Pricing & Profits

  • Course Protection

  • Course Listings

  • Course Software

  • Offline Course Consult

  • Video Creation

  • Text Content Creation

  • Audio Content Creation

  • Course Promotion Consult


    I provide top tier copywriting and content creation services to help your brand communicate effectively, engage your audience, and convey your message with impact. With a focus on data driven strategies, I can help you boost traffic while enhancing your overall online presence. Let’s collaborate!

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Video Marketing

  • Website Marketing

  • Target Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Sales & Selling

  • PPC Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Listing Building

  • Market Growth

  • Interactive Marketing


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    Until then, I wish you the best and most prosperous day ahead of you!

    Here's to your speaker success,

    Lele Nairn, Founder

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    Lele Nairn is an expert website designer, copywriter, social media strategist, YouTuber and business branding specialist. Lele helps her clients build brands and businesses that offers a strong online presence and next level user experience that leaves a lasting impression on their audiences. Based in Las Vegas, NV, you can find Lele on her social media channels.

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