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Is Your Website in Need of an Update/Revamp?

by Lele Nairn

Here’s a simple question. Is your website up to date? Current? Mobile friendly? Here’s a quick list to run down in order to find out how your site should be looking, functioning, etc. Make notes of what needs attention on your site as you run down the list:


1. Do any of these pages need updating? Home page, About page, Work With Me pages, etc.

2. Review each page of your website for content accuracy.

3. Review your page stats to find which pages are the most popular, least visited, etc.

4. Add new content if you’ve got old content on your website.

5. Do you have ample white space between content on your pages? Space things out! Eliminate all clutter.


1. Review your blog posts and update your blog with new articles.

2. Update or remove any articles that are out of date.

3. Add audio recordings to your old articles.

4. Add a video trailer with you speaking about an article. (Do for all.)


1. Are your photos up to date?

2. Can you take new ones and replace old ones?

3. Can you update any graphics/images on your pages?

4. Can you add graphics/images to certain pages to break up all the text?


1. Do you have video on your website? Some? Can you add more?

2. Add video trailers/tours for each page/product you have.

3. Take down old, irrelevant videos.

4. Add video trailers to articles you have in your blog.

5. Create a video gallery where visitors can just see YOU in LOTS of videos.


1. Check for broken links on your website and redirect any bad links.

2. Update/clean up your website’s top, main and footer navigation.

3. Review and update links to your social profiles.


1. Update your WordPress, themes and plugins.

2. Is it time to change your WordPress theme to a new modern theme?

3. Are there plugins (Bart) recommends you install on your WordPress website?

4. Are there WordPress plugins you don’t use and can remove?

5. Have you looked at other websites to get ideas for what you might want on yours?

6. Switch to WordPress if your site isn’t already or you’re not happy with your current website platform.

7. Test the website to ensure that it looks and displays properly on the most popular browsers and mobile devices.

8. Backup your website from time to time. Zip it up and download it from the server if possible.

9. Review any security issues and resolve them so your site doesn’t attract malware and trojans.


1. Check major call-to-action items. Learn more buttons, buy buttons, view cart links, return links, etc.

2. Review and update your email autoresponder sequences, opt-in forms, etc.

3. Check all web forms to be sure they’re working properly.

4. Increase your website’s download speed if you can.

5. Check that all pages on your website load without errors.

6. Check for any 404 errors and fix broken links/pages on your site.


1. Update your copyright date in the footer of your website to 2019.

2. Review and adjust any meta titles, keywords and page descriptions per page.

3. Renew your domain names annually and pay for extra years if possible.

4. Consider updating your website’s overall design if you think it’s outdated.

5. Create a timeline to get these things done and revisit them monthly, quarterly, etc.

6. Is it time to move to a new hosting company? Every 2-3 years, it can be a good idea. Maybe there was a price increase or customer service got worse or didn’t improve over time. I’ve seen it happen.

So, what do you think? Did you get some ideas on what to update on your website? If so, then hop to it! No time like the present, eh? Or, plan for it. Budget time and money to make all the necessary changes. It’ll be worth it going forward over the next few years.

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